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The Vagina Song The Vagina Song

Rated 2 / 5 stars


Its kind of funny that this movie was done by someone who likely has never seen one first hand. But still, the song was pretty funny. I'll give you credit for digging up this song.

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SBC Ep. 1:  "The Attack" SBC Ep. 1: "The Attack"

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

Dont give me this shit.

Dont insult my intelligence with this descrimination shit.

People vote low on clock movies because they're sick and tired of seeing the same crap animation and hearing these stupid voices.

Its old. People dont find this funny anymore, assuming they ever even did.

Make the movies if they make you happy. But dont feed me this crap about being a community and how we have something against you.

Yeah, I descriminate. I descriminate against crap.

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unbanned for christmas unbanned for christmas

Rated 1 / 5 stars

Another one?

Another clock movie? Whats with this recent flood of clock crap?

Then these guys get upset when people vote low because its a clock movie.

I dont have anything against clock movies, even with the lazy excuse for animation and lame computer generated voices.

But enough is enough. It wasnt a good idea the first time, you can be damn sure it wont be a good one the millionth time.

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Professor-Dull responds:

you're kind of right I made this movie in a couple of minutes, just watch my other movies to see I'm not untalented!

"Last Man Standing" "Last Man Standing"

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Not bad, but the music is Crystal Method!

The animation wasnt bad, and I liked the style. But its a little short, especially for such a large filesize.

By the way, the background music is by Crystal Method, not Chemical Brothers. I recommend correcting that mistake...

SuLLyxxx responds:

Thatnks for telling me... the mp3 I downloaded said chem. bros. *shrug* hell if i can tell the difference between the two. If anything, i like crystal meth. better. I have fixed the problem, and I will change it as soon as the server upgrade is done. thanks

Crimson Moon Ep 1 Crimson Moon Ep 1

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Not very good...

You obviously put a lot of work into this and its something you clearly enjoy creating.

But you really dont have a strong grasp of a number of important things. The most obvious is ilustration, specifically anatomy. Anime is a poor drawing style to emulate, for reasons I wont get into here. I'm pretty sure if you stop imitating anime the quality of your work will improve damatically. I also strongly recommend taking a few illustration and anatomy courses.

If you were 13 I wouldnt it wouldnt be a problem. But you're 21, and you claim to be semi-professional. Also, you're obviously serious about your work.

The second problem is your flash. The most obvious problem is sound. The sound quality is pretty bad. I can't guess where the problem may be, but I recommend getting a good microphone and perhaps some sound editing software.

Your animation has a few positive points here and there. And your story has potential. But its going to take a lot of work to bring it out.

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Danthi responds:

Ok so I am no as professional as I thought. I am only .000000000000001 professional right now. There goes my delusion of grandeur. I know that it is not very good right now and I need more work on it. This is supposed to be an Anime style movie. And it's as much a part of me as my hand I draw with. This is something that I hope to be doing as a profession someday but I do need a lot of work to make that happen. I have always had a problem with anatomy I am planning to go to an art school, or go to the collage here for an art course. My sound will improve. I am glade that there are some positive points to my animation, but that two will get better with practice I plan to do more frame by frame in this and my other ones. I am very serious about my work and making something good, not only good but something excellent in flash and same with my comics. Because they suck too.
Jason "Danthi" Whalley

Break it Down Break it Down

Rated 2 / 5 stars

This isnt awful, but it isnt great either.

This movie is uneventful. Its not awful, but its mildy interesting, once you get past the seizure inducing flashing.

The only cool thing it has going for it is the song.

I've noticed a tendency for people to pick apart every little detail of excellent Flash movies. But then something which isnt very good gets reviews like, "This is great! I couldnt ask for more!"

The reviews this movie has gotten make me wonder if these people are watching the same movie as me.

Like I said above, this movie isnt awful, but it isnt great either.

Minimum Wage  - Finished Minimum Wage - Finished

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This is great.

I really enjoyed this. There's something about it that has a ton of personality. It really feels unique. And the quality of the animation is excellent too; not to mention the good choice in music.

Stew-Ped responds:

Thank you. I put a lot of time into this and I'm pleased to see people enjoying it. I have another one by TMBG that I'm working on too that may or may not be finished before i die....

Iraq War: yes or no? Iraq War: yes or no?

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars


Although I do think its fairly certain that Saddam does have those weapons, I think its quite a stretch to say he poses some sort of direct threat to the US.

The US, particularly Bush and his people have been excessively belligerent since September 11th. All this so-called war on terrorism seems to be doing is angering everyone and inciting even more terrorist acts.

As terrible as the events on September 11th were, thousands upon thousands more suffer all over the world from poverty and worse and no one utters a word about or lifts a finger for them.

Its time people were more open-minded and considered the other side of this... These terrorists arent killing people simply because their insane. They didnt wake up one day and decided to hate America.

And it isnt because of religion. Thats where people are always wrong. People fight because over power, wealth, and land. Religion is just what people use to put them on the side of the riteous. People dont really fight over ideologies, but rather the freedom to express them, or impose them on others, which comes down to power.

At any rate, look at it this way: There are people, all over the world, starving, living in poverty. Men cant even find work to support their own families. So what can they do other than sit around all day. It frustrates people, and I can imagine men feeling they've lost their manhood and strength not even being able to support their own families.

Frustration leads to anger and hate. If you're poor, with no hope, who else is there to hate other than the wealthy. Obviously the anger is directed at the United States and Europe. This leads people to fight and band together with those in similar situations.

And as always happens, someone emerges with a leader, and many times that leader is more interested in personal gain. But everyone follows because they are striking out against a common enemy.

Does it mean, they are evil and have pleasure in murder? No. But in their eyes no one is helping, and instead they're being held down. Worse than anything else, they have no hope left.

Just like those clerics who are excessive in imposing religious will. They are desperetly trying to hold on to what traditions are left against an on-coming tide of western culture. They are excessive, I wont argue that, but they arent evil.

Neither is the US out to take over the World, or Americanize the entire World. America, Europe, and now Asia are letting their corporations run wild. And corporations are after one thing, profit. It just so happens that by making people stupid, mindless drones they make more money.

Companies want everyone to adore pop stars and actors, to buy the latest mobile phone, the most fashionable clothing, the coolest car, any peice of shit they can peddle on the masses.

And now these conglomerates are more subversive. They buy up local companies. Every second company is nowadays owned by some massive parent company. Buy something in one country and you're filling the coffers somewhere else, halfway around the

If people were truly intelligent and through for themselves rest assured these conglomerates would fail. But unfortunately, although no one likes to think about it, no one really thinks for themselves. If you really think about it, society has forfeited their freedom to corporations and the goddamn economy.

Its ironic when governments say they are fighting for freedom. They sure are, they're fighting for corporate freedom, not individual freedom.

Back to the original question... No, the US shouldnt go into Iraq.

Taishi - Jujitsu Sword Taishi - Jujitsu Sword

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Not Bad.

As far as animation goes this was pretty cool, although I'm not quite sure you have a Mitsubishi logo back there.


Rated 2 / 5 stars


I like Pacman, and this movie is somewhat funny. But its nowhere near as good as its being made out to be... I do hope to see more soon. There definitely is potential here.