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The Vagina Song The Vagina Song

Rated 2 / 5 stars


Its kind of funny that this movie was done by someone who likely has never seen one first hand. But still, the song was pretty funny. I'll give you credit for digging up this song.

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SBC Ep. 1:  "The Attack" SBC Ep. 1: "The Attack"

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

Dont give me this shit.

Dont insult my intelligence with this descrimination shit.

People vote low on clock movies because they're sick and tired of seeing the same crap animation and hearing these stupid voices.

Its old. People dont find this funny anymore, assuming they ever even did.

Make the movies if they make you happy. But dont feed me this crap about being a community and how we have something against you.

Yeah, I descriminate. I descriminate against crap.

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unbanned for christmas unbanned for christmas

Rated 1 / 5 stars

Another one?

Another clock movie? Whats with this recent flood of clock crap?

Then these guys get upset when people vote low because its a clock movie.

I dont have anything against clock movies, even with the lazy excuse for animation and lame computer generated voices.

But enough is enough. It wasnt a good idea the first time, you can be damn sure it wont be a good one the millionth time.

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Professor-Dull responds:

you're kind of right I made this movie in a couple of minutes, just watch my other movies to see I'm not untalented!

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Nintendo Turtle B.H. Nintendo Turtle B.H.

Rated 1 / 5 stars

What the hell is this?

You claim to have worked really hard on this. Well, you obviously didnt work hard enough. Or you spent most of your time getting screenshots from GTA.

This thing is crap. Nothing works properly and I cant even figure out what the hell to do.

I dont understand how this wasnt blammed.

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Camera Killer Camera Killer

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Not bad...

Its a decent game with nice graphics. But gameplay needs work.

First, the cameras are too close together, so if you take one out you still get ticketed by the other. I would recommend spacing them out more. Or, if you're on that side of the road then you get ticketed by the camera on that side.

Also, having to get on the grass to take out the cameras isn't all that intuitive and it kind of makes the traffic on the road irrelevant.

Here in the north east of the US they have these camera towers set up everywhere but aren't allowed to use them to catch speeders, because there would be an uproar if they did. Americans have this obsession with privacy, even if its to guard against crime. If you aren't speeding then you shouldnt have anything to worry about! :)

Its a cool game anyway.

Mr. Hardball - Wild West Mr. Hardball - Wild West

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Needs work...

Its nothing special. This game needs a lot more work.

First of all, its kind of annoying clicking on several buttons just to play, and then you have to press the space bar instead of just clicking on the mouse. It should except input from one or the other, or both.

Secondly, I dont need to see the instructions 10 times over. I think I got it the first time. And like I said, if the game had more substance where you do more than press the space bar.

Thirdly the pace of this thing could be improved. If they're going to get into position that slowly you could have each guy do his own special thing. They could stand back to back and walk away from each other. Something.

Fourth, do something about the shooting and dying animation. The guy gets shot before your character has even raised his gun. Thats just sloppiness. And instead of just having the loser turn into a bloody mess you could do something far funnier and more interesting to watch.

Finally, there's no need for Jesus to be in there. Thats just lame. I dont give a shit what your personal feelings are. But you should tolerate other people's feelings. Just like Buddists would be upset to see Buddha get blown away.

If you're atheist or something. Cool, good for you; you get a bisuit. But just like I'm not going to make a religious game to impose my views I dont appreciate you to depict Jesus get his head blown off. Its not about beliefs, its about respect.

Have some respect for people with other beliefs. Just like you'd be upset if some asshole made a movie about someone you care about getting murdered some people get upset seeing stuff like that.

I guess you'll say I didn't have to watch it. But I also didnt know what I was going to get until I saw it. Personally, I could care less. But some people do, and it pisses me off to see people be inconsiderate, or do something stupid and offensive for mere shock value. Thats what people with a poor imagination do.

So those are my two cents.

omega10mg responds:

wow..I see someone got pissed for nothing... well..all i can say is get a life, or have some humor... dont take it so serious.. i dont think u'r god finds it amusing that u sit there with u'r computer watching internet porn and flash all day. lol well.well..